• At Justine's and Bill's baby shower
  • i am so bored....that i fuccin filled out my own survey .__.
  • Do it for Gerard and the Lemon Doctor
  • ♕Sometimes I doubt myself, it's no coincidence that I lose every time.♕

  • jieun ; 지은
  • character masterlist ; 特性のマスターリスト
  • rules ; 規則
  • miyoung ☆彡

  • | we can shut the darkness down and rise above |
  • | it's hard for me to communicate the feelings i hold |
  • | i've got to tell myself |
  • | is the only reason you're holding me tonight 'cause we're scared to be lonely |
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  • “a fatal attraction is common and what we have common is pain. i mean you need to hear this, love is not just a verb.  and i can see power steering, s ex drive when you swerve.”
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  • “cause you know i got somebody, so i can't f uck with just anybody. but sometimes i get lonely, i get lonely. so let me keep it real with you (real with you). can you keep it real with me?”

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  • The Colors of Life
  • Night Out
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  • we be all night🚨
  • outfit for my party
  • said she smell the green on me
  • " class is now in session "

  • "don't let them hurt you ever, i know you're far too smart"
  • "now black girls, love white boys"
  • i will field their questions, i will feel your pain
  • i guess i was your bright idea

  • i feel like doing these. :)
  • young tiller. 💞
  • //. 041517. ☀
  • //. if right now you decide that you are not ready to settle down, but if you want my heart then its time that you start to act like your mine in the light and the dark.

  • ✧; Read D